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Start off the right way - The Foundation Builders Academy

What if it were easy to get your business up and running? What if you could be successful from day one?

It seems impossible, especially if you keep hearing that 90% of startups will fail.  

How could you possibly afford to start a business when it seems like you’re guaranteed to fail?

What you’re never told is that 25% of start-ups survive for more than 15 years. 

Is there a secret formula to success?  Is it just luck?

Can we manufacture luck and create a successful business right out of the gate?

We’d love to believe  in formulas, get-rich quick schemes, dumb luck, and magic tricks, but it’s really just about hard work and dedication. 

If you’re willing to put in the time, then keep on reading. If you want a formula, go buy a franchise.


Even the title sounds a bit scary… but the good kind of scary … exciting scary. 

When you think of an entrepreneur, you might think of someone big in tech like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerburg – people who have revolutionized the way we live our day to day lives.

Or maybe you’ll think of Marie Forleo, Carrie Green, Joanna Wiebe, or  Amy Porterfield – people who help individuals achieve outcomes they never dreamed of. 

These big names can seem intimidating because of what they’ve achieved … but there’s one thing to remember about each and every single one of these people …

At one time, they were just like you.

Bill Gates started Microsoft out of his parents’ garage.

Joanna Wiebe started off as a copywriter and marketer with Intuit before founding CopyHackers 

The only thing that separates you from them is time, dedication, and a plan. 

Your business and your entrepreneurial journey are defined by you.

That level of accountability can seem overwhelming and scary.

We might claim that we want to have complete and total independence, but with complete and total independence comes a high level of personal responsibility and accountability.

Without personal responsibility and accountability, your business is just a pipe dream. 

What if it didn’t have to be hard? 

What if your pipe dream could become your reality?

What if there was a roadmap that would tell you exactly what steps you need to take to get your business up and running likety-split?

What if you didn’t have to take the time to figure out?

What if you could turn your side hustle into your dream job?

Imagine …

  • What it would be like to wake up everyday excited to get to work
  • Being there for your kid’s birthday, graduation, soccer game
  • Having ownership over your career path and trajectory
  • Deciding which clients you’re going to work with, and which ones you can kick to the curb
  • Taking pride in each and every job you do and service you provide

Once you step out into the sunlight of entrepreneurship, out from under the shadow of the corporate organizational chart, once you have personal ownership over your own success…

… your heart will sing and you will have found where you belong



Get the Foundation Builders
Biz Formation Road Map

Take that step out into the sunlight and start enjoying the view.

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The biz owner's formation checklist + roadmap

This checklist is for you if you believe:

  • you need to plan to succeed, or your planning to fail
  • that hard work is just the beginning
  • that perseverance and determination will win the day

Let’s start building your dreams. Download the New Biz Owners Formation Checklist + Roadmap below